COVID Happy Team

How are your team feeling?

It’s been a tough few months hasn’t it?

Do you know how your team’s feeling?

I talk a lot about the importance of communicating as a leader and a key part of that is asking your people for feedback and importantly, listening and responding.

Lot’s of businesses are still managing teams remotely. Others are welcoming staff back to the workplace.

Whatever the situation in your business, things are difficult for your people, so take the time to listen to them, and then respond accordingly.

Remember the aim is to get the absolute best out of your people and you’ll only do that with good communication.

Happy Team

Happy Team

= Happy Customers

I talk a lot about the importance of having a team of happy people.

This isn’t because I’m a happy clappy kind of person.

It’s because I’ve spent 16 years working in businesses, seeing the effect of having a happy team (or an “engaged” team, if you want some management speak):

+ Happy customers – yes please.

+ Higher customer retention – oh go on then.

+ More new business – sounds good.

+ Fewer leavers – well that will save a lot of time.

+ A nicer place to work – hurrah!

So, focus your efforts on getting a happy team and everything else will slot into place 🙂